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BPSC Prelims Answer Key and Exam Analysis 2022 - Calculate Your Score and Check Section-wise Analysis

The Bihar Public Service Commission held the 67th Prelims Exam 2022 today, on May 8, 2022 (BPSC Prelims Exam date 08th May 2022). (BPSC). The BPSC Preliminary Exam Paper lasted two hours. The BPSC Prelims 2022 exam was held from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) 67th Prelims Exam 2022 was held on Sunday at 1,088 exam centres across the state. Approximately 6 lakh candidates took the BPSC Prelims 2022 exam.

The candidates who have participated in the 67th BPSC exam, and must be looking for the 67th BPSC answer key 2022. At the same time, candidates might want to go through a proper section-wise analysis of the paper.

On that note, let’s discuss steps to download the BPSC answer key, calculation of score and section-wise of BPSC 67th prelims paper to help candidates get an estimate of their BPSC result (Prelims).

How to Download BPSC 67th Prelims Answer Key 2022?

  • ➤ Open bpsc.bih.nic.in on your smartphone or computer.
  • ➤ Second, in the alerts button, click on the Answer Key.
  • ➤ Finally, enter your Registration Number as well as your password.
  • ➤ Following that, you will be able to view your BPSC 67th Prelims Answer Key 2022.
  • ➤ Download this file to check your answers and see which option is right.
  • ➤ This is how you may get BPSC 67th Answer Key 2022.

How to calculate 67th BPSC Prelims Marks for Prelims?

  • ➤ The 67th BPSC Prelims GS-Paper contains 150 questions worth 150 marks.
  • ➤ Each question is worth one point.
  • ➤ No marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer (No Negative Marking).
  • ➤ Total marks achieved by the aspirant = number of right answers multiplied by one.
  • ➤ Note: There will be no deduction of marks for any questions that are left blank.

PSC Prelims Exam Analysis 2022

Let’s take a detailed analysis of each section of the BPSC prelims exams 2022.


The BPSC Prelims 2022 exam was dominated by questions from the polity section. In the BPSC Prelims Exam 2022, BPSC posed various conceptual questions in addition to factual questions. Because of this combination, BPSC Aspirants found the BPSC Prelims 2022 EGS Paper to be moderately challenging.


The BPSC 2022 Prelims Exam was dominated by History Questions (including Art and Culture) after Polity. Art and culture questions were on the tough side of the spectrum, although many modern history questions were factual and on the expected lines. As a result, the BPSC Prelims 2022 history questions were mild in nature.

Current Affair

Current Affairs Questions in the BPSC Prelims 2022 test followed the pattern. However, several factual questions were also asked based on data from two to three years ago. This made applicants worried because many BPSC aspirants barely prepare for one year's current affairs.

Bihar-Specific Questions

Bihar-specific questions in the BPSC Prelims 2022 represented both static and current aspects of Bihar's politics and economy. In the BPSC 2022 Prelims Exam, for example, questions regarding Bihar's fiscal deficit and census data were posed. Serious applicants, on the other hand, would have found these questions in the BPSC Prelims 2022 easy to answer.

Geography, Environment & Ecology

In the BPSC Prelims 2022 exam, questions from Geography, Environment, and Ecology ranged from simple to moderate. There were very few questions about the environment and ecology. Aspirants for the BPSC Prelims 2022 Exam could easily attempt a comfortable number of questions from this section.

General Science 

Science-related questions in the BPSC Prelims 2022 exam ranged from easy to moderate in difficulty. Aspirants who prepared properly for the BPSC 2022 Exam would have easily answered numerous questions.

Overall, the BPSC 2022 Prelims Paper was moderate to difficult. We have already gone through the BPSC Cut-Off 2022 as well as the BPSC Prelims Answer Key 2022 in depth. 

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